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To be a game made in scratchnapped, not bad then, but the controls are somewhat sensitive so that's just, well the rest is fine, so I'll give you the full score!!!

I liked how much in this game he tries only to escape, while the world of flash content is falling apart, and well, I don't know why it was difficult for me to pass the part of the shark, since they always fall into emptiness.

and well then, I think all the blame for flash going dead, it was because of the fucking adobe that refused to give us the fucking base code or at least turn it into open code, so adobe please give shit and steve jobs to rot In hell, those two are the worst and the world's!!!

What the fuck, this classic game was modified!!!
damn crystal generation and today's society, how dare they denounce this classic game, none of this is fun 😡🤬😡🤬😡

How the fuck this game never got out of under judgment after 4 years!!!

and where was my country??

JamesChapp responds:

Hello. where are you from? contact me if you want to participate =)

Well, I can say that the game is very good, but as you need to optimize this game, since with so many hordes of zomies it makes the game crash all the time and that makes it super annoying when it comes to playing, until arriving to get all bad, so this game is well done, but since you needed to optimize it and add more options and weapons because after opting for all the improvements and weapons, it makes this game after a while boring already!!

This third installment of this game is very good, I liked how it became more challenging in each wave, and there are even some waves where it has cost me a lot to pass it and that you will have to think about how much money to spend it because there are several times where you buy something, but you lose again because you bought something unnecessary and that is what I liked about this game, so you have made a very good delivery of this defense saga!!!

I have played this game again, although it was on another page, I return it again here where it originated, and well this one was a great challenge for me to complete it because there are some waves, where it becomes more difficult to kill waves of rabbits, but still good game!!!

this is some kind of recreation of classic stickmans games??
if so, that's fine but it kind of needs funds and needs to polish some parts of this game!! 😎👍

Back in 2011, I played this game from when it came out recently and this year I played again and it seems that I did not understand anything about mechanics and today I play again.

But yes, the music is great, because I like how the retro style of music is very, very good!!!

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