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are you perhaps a cousin or relative of ben-spurgin??
because you get a style similar to the deceased ben, so well done, I hope it's someone who has been inspired by the style of ben and his series, Power of the Geek!!!

of all the sprite animations of mario bros that there are, this one without a doubt I have never come across, and even it seems very unknown to me!!!

is it me, or are those green mountains shaped like a penis??

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To be a game made in scratchnapped, not bad then, but the controls are somewhat sensitive so that's just, well the rest is fine, so I'll give you the full score!!!

I liked how much in this game he tries only to escape, while the world of flash content is falling apart, and well, I don't know why it was difficult for me to pass the part of the shark, since they always fall into emptiness.

and well then, I think all the blame for flash going dead, it was because of the fucking adobe that refused to give us the fucking base code or at least turn it into open code, so adobe please give shit and steve jobs to rot In hell, those two are the worst and the world's!!!

What the fuck, this classic game was modified!!!
damn crystal generation and today's society, how dare they denounce this classic game, none of this is fun 😡🤬😡🤬😡

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wow, what a good rhythm you have with the hard trance, well done!!!

I like how this has style electro/breakbeat!!!

bien hecho, pero yo recién entro (lo cual fue bastante días sin entrar a este sitio web O.O) y me entero de esto, y siento mucho por enterarme de esto muy tarde.

Dark11O responds:

mejor tarde que nunca xd

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wow, it seems that you did not include my country!!!

anymany responds:

That just means that ur country suckkkkkkkkkkzz

esta bien que tu suba esto acá??

cheemsdeportivo responds:

no se pero ta shido

oh vaya, no me esperaba que incluyeras el personaje tres acordes, la verdad a mi personalmente no me gusta la serie, pero respecto a quienes le gusta, pero para mi no es tan buena que digamos, pero eso si, la he visto solamente por la mitad porque luego como que el diseño pobre de los personajes ya empieza a disgustarte, bueno eso a mi me ha pasado cuando eche un vistazo, y eso que el algoritmo de youtube me lo había recomendado.

y además no conozco el resto de los personajes excepto al personaje de la serie tres acordes :/

SrJr5000 responds:

los diseños serán feos pero la trama es oro

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