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Well, a flash animation with synthetic voices without the clock crew, well, very few flash inputs that I have seen on this page, very rarely have synthetic voices in them, because that is taken by the clock crew and that in another flash I have just seen one of spongebob, where I include a synthetic voice mixed with the real voice

This one I had already seen a long time ago, and the truth I never commented on this until arriving this year.

Well, I liked this art collab forum, and especially how you made the transition from it using and playing with the zoom and especially by the artists who have made different shapes of a drawing above or below the black bar, the music as if it synchro well on this one, so it's well done!!!

I did not know that you have just returned to this page, because in 2013 I saw when your things recently in that year, which is why I had forgotten you for many years, but apparently I got the big surprise to see you right here again, so welcome again!!!

I remember that a long time ago, I have seen this fun flash about hell, which is why in the comments there were not so many, which is why this flash was the forgotten medium, but luckily seeing this year, apparently not half person have forgotten this flash, and of course I come to leave this comment too, so a very good and funny flash animation about hell, very funny

well, I remember that I saw this two years ago, and just this year I see it again, and that this is going to be two years old already!!!!!

in short: you have a miserable life, but still you cannot enter the university, because you have not been approved

Wow, you left me speechless!!!
Because this was something fantastic, and I even liked how everything is so black and white and with a really powerful message, so this was a very good and unforgettable flash animation that you did.

and that you did it for your final exam, but in the same way it is good that you bring it here, but it hurts that it has not received so much visit and high votes, being that this incredible flash has been so buried :(

the truth, i never thought i would see Klay World in 2D but with this I get the doubt of something, what would happen if you would Klay World in 3D??

what the fuck???

Wow, I swear that I have heard that song before, and just that same song I had already forgotten a long time ago, and apparently I have remembered it again when I saw this entry of yours from the flash, and well apparently I have searched for it with the chazam and hit me with the song I forgot about.

oh no, if in the description and in the title it already indicates the song with which I forgot, how silly I am!!!! +_+


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