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2017-05-29 19:41:19 by junbo66

and now vid.me


promoting my new section

2016-12-01 20:31:09 by junbo66

as you will see already relesased yesterday my section.

wich you can see the following link: http://junbosantanic.deviantart.com/journal/recordando-a-KuroiiFox-648715839

¡¡¡¡please help me support this new section!!!

¡¡¡Happy Clock Day!!!

2016-08-15 20:35:42 by junbo66

oh my guys, it's been more than a month that no longer written anything in newgrounds (I mean the post) and that has already happened like eight months. O_o


good as I was saying the most happy day crew over spamera the world.


and coltercia of you guys I leave a youtube video that is totally in Spanish.


I am now in subculture

2016-01-04 16:57:08 by junbo66

Well, first of all hello to all You see now I will be able to follow in subculture because I think to follow good comic comic that me has convinced, plus I think December 31 to coincide November 30. which I believe this account of newgrounds 4 years. but that if not create comic, but here I leave for if someone wants to follow.


but I notice that in subculture there just pure comic in Spanish which you're not going to know understand that this is all webcomic on this page

good guys today I wish them that this Christmas the good time with their families and cousins premium or also friends. 


It has also pasate to see my saga Christmas right here




but notice that these three are in Spanish and it is for Spanish speakers.


to  end this I bring the fourth mix  freestyle





2015-09-25 22:32:57 by junbo66


here is the test of my madness animation which incidentally tell me where to get sound effects and where to get a pack of homestuck for Macromedia Flash

Happy madness day

2015-09-22 13:19:45 by junbo66

one thing before you begin happy madness day 2015, which today celebrates 15 years since the madness born at that time where was barely known newgrounds.



and now we get to the point, good as you'll see today I made a death battle where we will focus with madness combat against homestuck. who wins and who perde, you will decide.

un chiste de humor negro

2015-08-27 22:30:55 by junbo66

bueno aqui van chiste pero de humor negro.


cual es la diferencia entre un judio y la pizza? 


que la pizza no grita cuando le metes al horno.


y aqui va uno de humor negro.


ami me encanta las peliculas de terror, porque el negro muere primero. 


y sino te gusta estos tipos chiste (porque es de humor negro) entoces retirate y no me deje comentarios negativo o ofensivo.

I was mentioned

2015-08-07 17:36:13 by junbo66

Well, this time a so called user goldensorrow hiso a list of user who is on newgrounds and I appear among them. but the question is : is my chance to me to be recognized in newgrouds?


newgrounds error?

2015-06-10 17:31:09 by junbo66


you think about this error I found?